Does Beard Hair Grow Back After Plucking? (It’s True!)

Perhaps your beard hair doesn’t fit your style, and you want to wax it to get rid of it.

You Might Wonder, Does Beard Hair Grow Back After Plucking?

Beard hair does grow back after you pluck it. When you pull out your beard hair, you will remove just hair and their root, what it stays inside your skin is the hair follicle. The hair follicle will always make new hair unless you remove it or somehow destroy it. 

There’s no real limit to how many times you pull out your beard hair, and there will always grow back, again and again.

Let’s see what else you can hope of from pulling your beard hear out of your skin:


Does Plucked Beard Hair Grow Back Thicker? 

Plucking your beard hair out will not cause your beard hair to grow back thicker. It’s a myth. It will grow back anywhere from two weeks up to a month.

It depends on your hormonal level. But it will look the same as before you plucked it.

There is a possibility when you pluck your beard hair to break, and the root stays inside.

In this case, it will grow faster because the root is already inside the follicle, and the growing time will be cut for the time that the root needs to be created. 


Effects of Plucking Beard?

First, if you pluck your beard hair, it will grow back every time. The beard hairs have roots on the bottom of the hair inside your skin follicle.

When you pull out your hair, the root will detach from its follicle capillaries and will freely go out with its hair.

Follicle and its capillaries will then start to heal and create a new root and grow its hair strand.

Depending on the hormonal level of a person, it will grow slower or faster. There’s no significant effect of plucking a beard.

If you compare it with shaving, it will grow slower. There is a chance that when you pluck your hair, it will break inside your skin, and the root will stay inside the follicle.

In this case, the hair will grow much faster, similar whit when you shave it.


Tweezing Facial Hair Side-Effects?

When you are tweezing your facial hair, it will start to grow thinner until it reaches full size.

There is a chance that your pore from which you pulled your beard hair out will slowly close, and because new hair is thin, it will start to ingrown.

Because there’s no hair sticking out of the skin to support the pore to be open, the skin will start to create a thin skin layer on top of the follicle.

This is enough to prevent hair from starting to show up above your skin. Your hair will grow below the skin, and you will begin to see a little bump.

You need to make a little scar over the bump and squeeze out the hair to release it. You can prevent the ingrowth of hair by exfoliating your skin regularly.


Does Plucking Chin Hair Make it Grow More?

Plucking your chin hair will not make it to grow more. One follicle will always create just one hair shaft from its root. The new hair shaft will look just like the one you pulled out when it grows to its fullest.

However, you maybe saw that from one follicle grow two or even three hair shafts.

This is a rare disorder, and it’s called Pili Multigemini. You can see the study here.

Papillar tips will divide into a couple of tips and, therefore, will produce a couple of hair shafts from a single follicle.

This disorder is a common occurrence, especially on the beard of adult men. With that said, this is just a disorder that naturally occurs and has nothing to do with plucking.


Does Beard Hair Grow Back if Pulled Out?

Unless you damage or remove a follicle, a beard hair will always grow back, and it will look like the hair shaft you’ve pulled out. It will replicate itself, again and again, every time.

There are two common misconceptions if you think of pulling out your beard hair.

The first one is if you pluck your beard hair, it will never grow back, and the second one is if you pluck your beard hair, it will grow stronger.

Scientific findings show that this isn’t true. The beard hair shaft will grow back, and it will have the same properties as the hair shaft you’ve pulled out.


Is it Bad to Pluck Beard Hair?

Perhaps you have a disorder if you are plucking beard hair all the time, and you cannot help but continue plucking it.

In this case, you can create what is known as a patchy beard. From that perspective, your beard will look bad.

You can create ingrown hair of which I have spoken before in this text from the other perspective.

This will also not look nice either. Imagine that you’ve got a patchy beard with visible pimples-like bumps over those patches.

So, it will look bad if you have this terrible habit of plucking your beard hair all the time.


Can you Permanently Remove Beard Hair by Plucking it?

You cannot permanently remove beard hair just by plucking it because the follicle is what will stay under your skin from which you’ve pulled your beard hair out.

This follicle is responsible for creating a new beard hair shaft, even though you’ve pulled it out together with its root.

After that, you can expect from two weeks to up to a month to see new hair rising on the top of the skin.

Capillaries are connected to the follicle, and this is what will provide nutrients and promote new beard hair to grow.

You need to somehow damage a follicle for your beard hair to be removed permanently.


How Many Beard Hairs do you Lose a Day?

You will lose anywhere from 10 to 50 hair shafts a day, depending on numerous circumstances.

There are two main ways from which you might lose them. The obvious one is by pulling your beard hair out, not doing it on purpose.

For example, by combing or brushing with a beard brush. The second one is natural. Every hair has a life cycle through phases.

These are Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen phases. Anagen phase can last from 2-7 years.

This stage of the Anagen phase will determine the length of your beard hair. The Catagen phase lasts from two to three weeks.

Your beard hair is no longer growing at this stage, and it’s preparing for the Telogen phase. It cuts blood supply on the follicle level.

Telogen phase lasts around three months, and it’s when a new hair growth to replace the old one.

In this stage, you will see your beard hair falling out. This is normal. And not all of the hair is in the same phase of its life cycle.


Should you Pluck Beard Hair?

Caring for your beard is a must. You need to trim it and style it to maintain its look.

You can trim, for example, your cheek hair or shave that part. But also, you can pluck it.

If you decide to shave it or trim it, the hair will grow faster. If you choose to pluck it, it will last a long time until you start to see beard hair grow again.

It is up to you what you want to do with your beard.


What Lasts Longer Plucking or Shaving?

Plucking lasts longer than shaving because by plucking, you will remove hair from the root. The root will stay inside the follicle and a little bit of hair just barely under the skin by shaving.

This way, the hair will grow sharp and thick above your skin. The follicle needs to create a new root from scratch by plucking it, and that will take days.

When hair finally starts to show above the skin, it will be thin and delicate.


How Many Times do you Have to Pluck a Beard Hair Before it Stops Growing?

You can pluck your beard hair as many times you want, but your hair will never stop growing. The only way for your beard hair to stop growing is by physically damaging or removing a hair follicle.

When blood supply is damaged from the follicle level, your beard hair will permanently stop growing.

You cannot influence its growth by plucking it many times.


How Long Does it Take for Beard Hair to Grow Back After Plucking?

After you pluck your beard hair, it will last anywhere from two to four weeks before hair started to be visible on top of your skin. This depends on your beard strength, and most importantly, on your hormonal level of testosterone.

There’s a possibility that you break beard hair just below the surface of the skin when you pluck it.

This hair will grow much faster because follicles won’t create a root from scratch, and hair will be visible on top of your skin in a couple of days, depending on where inside breaks.



We did not just saw that beard hair would grow back again after plucking. We find some other exciting stuff.

This article will open your eyes to understand that this is not something you can worry about it.

It’s normal to lose beard hair regularly because it’s a natural hair life cycle.