Use a Beard to Make your Nose Look Smaller (15 Best Styles)

Having a big nose can affect your personality. It can be too stressful to deal with that.

What can we do to solve that problem?

Does a Beard Make a Nose Look Smaller?

Growing a beard does help a nose to look smaller. The main reason is that a beard diverts attention from a nose making it less noticeable. And also, with a right beard style, you can make your nose look perfect.

I can’t emphasize this enough:

Your nose will not shrink in size when you grow a beard. It will just add the illusion that your nose looks noticeable smaller because the beard grabs all attention.

Let’s see what those beard styles are:


This kind of style requires to grow a beard hair on the chin but not on the cheeks.

Beard goes all around the mouth, making it a circular shape.

Earlier in history, this beard style was referred only to growing a beard in the lower jaw.

Growing a beard on the lower jaw, including mustache, but not on the cheeks, is widely accepted as a goatee lately.

This style is best for a man who wants to explore a bit without growing a full beard.

If you have a big nose, a goatee beard is a way to go. It will distract attention from a nose very efficiently because it’s quite an attractive beard style.


Van Dyke

Van Dyke beard is a goatee style beard. Except that a jaw beard and a mustache are not connected. And of course, cheek beard is shaved.

The famous Flemish painter Anthony van Dyck grew its beard this way, so the beard got the name after him.

With this style, you must grow a fuller mustache.

If you decide you go with a thinner styled mustache, your nose will look even more prominent. Mustache will overemphasize your big nose.

A fuller mustache will add balance to your appearance, so play safe here.


Short Boxed

A short boxed beard is an excellent style for those who have broader noses.

The idea here is that you can go as short as stubble beard goes or grow it a little longer.

But, if you want it to stay boxed, you must maintain its look.

You have to trim sides and under on neck, giving it excellent boxed shape.

If you look someone with this beard style in from of his face, you will notice that the beard looks wide, so this is why its the best for broad noses.

Beard will grab attention and camouflage a nose.



Balbo beard style got the name after Italian Marshal of the air force Italo Balbo. He rocks this kind of style.

This style is between Van Dyke and short boxed beard style and goes around the mouth with no sideburns or beard hair on cheeks.

Beard hair on the chin is longer and follows the jawline a little bit higher. A mustache is disconnecting from a beard.

It tends to have a trimmed mustache to give it a nice tidy look.



Anchor beard style pointing towards the chins, and it’s short enough to reveal anchor.

It should be trim to the cheeks’ edges, and it’s connecting both sides over the chin.

And there is a soul patch too, which connecting with a chin beard. Mustache is a must when it comes to an anchor beard style.

You can experiment with this style because it’s perfect for hiding your huge pointy friend, the nose. It will draw all the attention to itself.

The best part is that you can go crazy and make all kinds of anchor shapes with it.



Chevron is a style that requires a mustache only. It covers your upper lip to the nose.

You have to grow a fuller mustache with this style because that’s how this style looks.

And you must be careful not to trim stache too thin because your nose will look even more prominent. It will augment its size.

So, go with ordinary chevron, and everything will be ok.



Imagine a traditional goatee beard style with a mustache like a complete circle.

And now trim and shave everything from the chin leaving the two bars on sides.

What you got is called a Horseshoe, because it looks like it.

Horseshoe is a catchy style, and it will bring all attention to it, leaving your nose under the radar.


Original Stache

 Original stache or classic stache is very versatile because it goes with everything.

Whether you have a clean shave, stubble, short, or a full beard, the original stache will look natural.

Again, like with all other mustaches, better grow a fuller than thinner to keep your nose stealth.


 Mutton Chops

Mutton chops is a beard style where you grow sideburns, which connects with a horseshoe mustache, simple is that.

It is an old-style, but you definitely should grow one if you want to stand in a crowd.

It will give you a masculine look on another level. And also, it’s easy to maintain it.

Nobody will notice your nose with this style of beard, that’s a promise.


Gunslinger and Moustache

This beard style is similar to mutton chops but with flared sideburns and thinner bars on the cheks’ edge.

This style is easy to maintain also, and it gives you a more modern look than the previous type.

The same applies here. It will easily hide your prominent friend.


Chin Strip

The chin strip is a vertical style beard hair on the chin. It is a variation of goatee beard.

It goes right below the bottom lip vertically down the middle of the chin. And it should be trimmed to be bold strip.

You can trim your strip to be equal hair length or leave the bottom part a little longer and style it this way.

Again, this is the kind of style that will immediately turn your nose out of focus.


Chin Strap Style

As the name suggests, this is a strap kind of beard style. It’s like wearing a helmet and strap it around your chin.

Sideburns go all the way down the edge of the cheeks and meet in the chin’s center. 

Ideally, the strap needs to be the same width all around.

This style requires no mustache of any kind. You can hide your big nose very well with this style.


Soul Patch

The Soul patch is a beard right below the bottom lip. It can be a triangle or square shape.

Although it’s small in size, this beard style can give you a bold look and give you a bit of a personality.

It’s excellent for distracting attention. You’ll benefit a lot from this beard style. Your nose will thank you.

It’s going well with a full beard, stubble, or with a mustache.



Stubble is the same as a five-o’clock shadow. Its hair is just long enough to be visible, but not too long to cover the skin.

It’s a great way to make you look older if you have a young-looking face.

You can’t style a short beard like this. The only thing you can do is to trim it to the length you want.

Although it’s an excellent way to hide your pal, it will also make your face look older and give it a character. 

If you’re young and want to look older, this is the way to do it.


Hipster / Full beard

Growing a full beard can take time. There’s no other way around. You must be patient.

Well styled bold beard is also known as a hipster beard.

It’s essential to trim it regularly to prevent hairs from sticking out.

You could see hipster beards everywhere in the previous years, which means they are on upward trends.

This style is so unique that it will make you stand out in the crowd and the proud owner of a well-styled beard that everyone will like.



Whatever style of a beard you choose to have, your nose will be less visible for sure.

You can experiment will all of these styles and decide later what suits you the best.

For example, you can combine one or more styles and go crazy with it. Maybe you end up with a whole new beard style, who knows.

In the end, it all comes down to a patience game. Whoever waits for the longest will be awarded the most.