How To Deal With A Long Beard On A Motorcycle (9 Best Tips)

When it comes to riding a bike and having a long beard, things start to look weird.

Just by hitting that accelerator throttle a little bit harder, your beard goes upwards against your face, and that’s not a pleasant ride anymore.

Besides being funny, it’s also dangerous, RIGHT?

What to do With a Long Beard on a Motorcycle?

You have to secure your beard from flapping around while riding a bike using bandanas, helmets, braids, beads, rubber bands, hair buckles, paper cord, jackets, beard wraps, or shorten your beard out.

Want to know how to use all of these to make your ride smoother?

Let’s dive right in.

Use Bandana the Right Way to Protect your Beard While Riding a Motorcycle

Bandana, also known as a kerchief, is a rectangular scarf that people use for fashion reasons or to protect their faces and necks. Besides that, it can also protect your beard from flying around on a bike.

Because of its shape, it covers the beard perfectly, and when wrapped around your face the right way, it holds your beard very tight.

Open your bandana all the way and put it to lay down on a table or bed. Take one corner and fold it diagonally to the next corner.

With both hands, take folded bandana to the opposite corners. Holding it symmetrically, carefully bring the bandana closer to your face and lean on the nose just below the eyes.

Follow the ends you holding behind your head, but below ears. Tie a double knot, and that’s all. 

This way, your beard won’t fall apart while riding a motorcycle, and you will enjoy your ride.


Helmets are Lifesavers, and We Can Use Them to Restrain a Beard Too

When it comes to helmets for bikers, we can distinguish between two types, full-face helmets, and open helmets. There’s nothing to explain about with full-face helmets, you just put them on, and they keep your beard fixed.

Open helmets don’t have a part that goes over your chin, so they leave your beard unshielded. You can use goggles with this kind of helmets, but either way, your beard will still fly over your face, and it will be much harder to ride a bike.

Want to know the best part?

If you only have an open helmet, you can combine it with a bandana scarf. 

This way, you will not just protect your sight from a beard, you’ll save your head too, which is very important.

Similarly, there’s under the helmet face mask, which will protect your neck and beard too.

Use this in combination with an open helmet but likewise bandana, you don’t need to tie a knot, put it over your head, and you’re all set.


Braiding a Beard for a Comfortable Ride

Depending on your beard length, you can always braid it. The ride will become much pleasant. But, this is not for everybody, simply because most people don’t like to have braided beards.

In case you’ve wondered, this is the correct thing to do. Everyone should try this once, to see for itself, maybe you’ll like it.

You will draw attention to yourself, but you can always put a bandana around to cover it.

You can choose to knit a single braid, or you can do multiples depending on beard length. You can decide to put a bead, rubber band, or a hair buckle at the braid’s end. We’ll talk about them later.

Braiding is easy.

Divide beard hair into three equal parts.

Cross the right section over the middle one, and then do the same with the left side.

Use this braiding style to the end of the braid.

Secure your braid with a rubber band, bead, or a hair buckle.


Beads Holding your Beard Tight

If you decide to use beads, you will look cool because they are very nice. And also, you can use them with a braided beard or just ponytail it.

Adding them will add extra weight, which means it will hold it better. It’s not by much, but every little helps.

You can either use one larger bead to hold your beard hair or multiple like with the braided one.

The most important thing is that your beard will not fly around. Everyone should try to use beads because they do not just look good, but they will add a little bit of confidence.

Twist your beard snug. Put a rubber band to the end on your beard, but not all the way. Put one end of the rubber band through a bead and pull your beard through it.

Drag it to wherever you want on your beard to look good.

One extra tip: If you want to use multiple beads, put them on a different length of your beard because if they are on the same level, they will collide on each other all the time. It will irritate you.


Rubber Bands and Hair Buckles will Help

You can use rubber bands in combination with braided or pony beard style. 

Put a rubber band on the end of your beard a few rounds till you can’t anymore and let it go.

If you stretch them a lot, they will snap, so don’t pull hard. They are convenient for a tight hold, do not hesitate to use them.

Hair buckles are good too. It can be used just by putting it on a beard, and that’s all. Depending on a type of spring inside a hair buckle, it can be holding better or worse, so always check before using it.

They can be combined. 

Put rubber band first and then put hair buckle over the rubber band to hold tight.


Consider Use Thin Paper Cord

The paper cord will also help to hold your beard tight.

Take your beard and twist it a couple of turns.

Tie a knot on the top and start wrapping with a thin paper cord to the bottom.

When almost done, tie a knot at the end of your beard.

Cut the excess out.

When done with this style, you must cut the cord. And you must be careful not to cut your beard hairs too.

This one is like putting a hat over your head, and your hair can’t move.

Be careful not to wrap so tight because you may damage hair strands, which we do not want to happen.


Jackets as a Beard Holders while Riding a Motorcycle

Believe it or not, a jacket can serve to secure your beard from flying around. No matter if you have it with a zipper or buttons, it can do the same thing.

At first, it’s not that obvious, but you can tuck your beard inside a jacket, depending on a length. The longer the beard, the better.

Put on a jacket and lay down your chin on the chest. Closely zip it or button up.

Do not pull your head up too much, because the beard can go out of the jacket.

And that’s how a jacket can give you a little bit safer ride. Use this only when you don’t have any other alternatives, as we mentioned before. 


Cover your Beard with a Wrap

Another thing you can do is to use a wrap for the beard. It’s kind like a face mask, but it covers the beard only.

On the cover’s ends are two rubber bands, they will go around your ears to hold it tight.

These are advertised like beard covers for sleep, to protect it from falling apart during a dream. But it’s convenient, and you can use it in case of an emergency.

Take it with both hands and lay down on your beard, put is over and behind ears to fit snug.


Shorter Beard will not Fly Over your Face

When your beard got longer because you’re lazy, consider shortening it. Before going to a ride, check if you need to trim it a bit.

If you tend to have a shorter style one, that’s great. You don’t need any bits of advice. You are good to go on a ride right away.

But, just in case, if your beard got longer and you don’t have time to trim it, consider using some of the tips above. You’ll be very grateful.



It’s valuable to protect your sight while riding on an open road.

Uncomfortable ride due to bouncing beard can be frustrating and unsafe.

Our tips will fix all the beard issues you’ll probably encounter throughout your riding life.

Be safe and ride well!